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2015.04.01 23:14 Sylverstone14 Nintendo Direct (4.1.2015) -- /r/WiiU's Reaction & Discussion Thread

Nintendo Direct - 4.1.2015

Visit these sites to watch the stream live!
The times are set based on what Nintendo has stated on Twitter [NA, UK/EU, AUS, JP].

JOIN US in our CyTube streaming channel, where you can chat AND watch the Nintendo Direct at the same time with your fellow WiiUsers!


For a more "live" experience with the comments, check out this discussion thread's Reddit-Stream!


Welcome to /WiiU's Nintendo Direct live reactions and discussion thread!

Hey guys, Sylverstone here!
At long last, Nintendo Direct fever has finally returned to the world after being quiet for the past few months. At one point, there was so much speculation about when the next one would happen, and there were many "leaks" afoot. Maybe Nintendo shouldn't have chosen such an interesting date of April 1st, which is known to many as April Fool's Day. However, they have stated that it is not a joke, so we can expect a lot of truth to be streamed.

Just a couple of ground rules:

  • Please secure your wrist strap to safely contain hype. We are not responsible for your disappointment if you fail to control your hype levels. This has been your warning.
  • Civility is something we wish to foster in this thread. Be nice to each other, please!
  • This is a general Nintendo Direct, so multiple games will be discussed. We'd like for you to keep the bulk of your comments in this thread.
  • Duplicate posts WILL be removed, and the only threads that will be allowed post-Direct are those pertaining to specific games and their trailers (whether general or special ones). We'll try our best to nip dupe threads in the bud, but feel free to report any that we've missed.
Have fun, and we'll see you guys around! Enjoy the show!
If you wish to see the Japanese stream's translations, it is common for @Cheesemeister3k or @NintenDaan on Twitter to provide those services, or just check out NeoGAF's official thread for any possible info on that.

/WiiU x Reddit Live

We'll will be using Reddit Live once more for this Nintendo Direct, and of course, myself, LiveRadar and MF_MaxiMillion will be helming this ship.
Maxi and I will focus on North America, while LiveRadar will be reporting for Europe/Australia.



Thanks to robobot, we can play a rousing game of NINTENDO DIRECT BINGO! Though to be fair, it is an April Fool's edition...

We do have another Nintendo Direct bingo card courtesy of a friend, MoldyClay! It too has a bit of a April Fool's flair, but it seems to be somewhat merciful.

Join in on the fun in the comments as we react to what Nintendo has in store for us all.

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