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Part 45: Transcription, "Awan Brotherhood"

2017.05.15 01:38 911bodysnatchers322 Part 45: Transcription, "Awan Brotherhood"

George Webb
The following are best-effort transcriptions of the George Webb Video Series. The series is a daily, ongoing open source investigation of HRC with researchers in #HRCRatline on twitter and facebook and trello.
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  • [Day 202.2 Hillary's Hackers, Awan Brothers Saga Deepens, Part 2 - YouTube]
    • Okay. This is day 202
    • I got some help from a nice dog I'm babysitting here
    • So I just wanted to talk about the Awans going all the way back to Amjad Awan in 1984 with Iran-Contra and Hillary Clinton and Mena Airport.
    • This this is when the Awan relationships started.
    • And the question I have is: up until Iran-Contra being discovered with that leak, did they just change the name? And then all the other players here--they just create different businesses, change the name of the programs, and just basically keep everything rolling, as was before?
    • The reason I say that as the profit motive. Little Mena Airport was cleaning and clearing 100 million dollars a month through little Mena Airport why wouldn't you want to create more me know air ports like in a Sugar Land Texas and Beaumont Texas, you know, recreating that the same situation you had an Arkansas, with the Tyson's chicken, and the Van Buren Tice's chicken plant, stuffing cocaine into chickens.
    • Why wouldn't you do that in Beaumont Texas, doing the same thing in a packing plant there?
    • So I see that. I mean just looking at the metadata, and all these along companies, all these transportation companies, all these construction companies, all these different ways of getting people visas, travel companies, technology companies, it's just a real conglomerate of of companies, around Awans, and not just Awans, but using the phrase Awan Brotherhood--and just so reminiscent of "Muslim Brotherhood"
    • "Awan" is a tribe in Pakistan, and so it's just almost like saying, "We're going to sub-segment Awan, the Brotherhood, like al Qaeda has been segmented into Boko Haram, and different names for different countries, and different tribes within the country"
    • CIA loves this they love doing these tribes. And it's just how they they do it. And Tahir Javeed here--what's to say that he didn't start at the bottom of the of the ratline and worked his way up, you know, if you start at a grocery stores the clerk, and you work your way up through the regional stores, and you end up managing a store, and then running the whole show. The drug business should be no different than than any other business, as far as people, you know, working their way up and being successful
    • So, what I see is this continuation, with the only real blips being 1989 Iran-Contra affair.
    • I see another blip around 1993, with or 1995 with Oklahoma City.
    • And I think we had somebody who was helping destroy evidence of the explosive taggants in 1995, for some reason, and then just a kind of continual flow of working on eliminating the Patriot Act, or trying to put in a patriotic act eliminating kind of citizen rights, and trying to put in sort of a Gladio Program--acovert Army, to control.
    • Again I don't think the CIA is just about making money, I think they're also, you know, trying to achieve control.
    • The rationalization for making all the money is: well it's national security.
    • Right from the very beginning with Mena Airport, it was national security.
    • Like I said there's going to be a film later this year called American Made--all about Mena, or you can watch The Infiltrator from last year, and see the story of Amjad Awan.
    • I really don't see the proprietaries these companies that are set up to run the ratlines--I really don't see them changing much over the time, though they change locations, they change different places in Maryland, different places in Virginia, that sort of thing.
    • A few different actors come and go, but the basic business stays the same.
    • Sorta like McDonald's, where faces change with the different managers, and people working the cash registers, but the basic business is the same--delivering burgers.
    • And the reason I say that is every in case I look at, where there are the Awan brothers involved, or Awan Brothers United or whatever--this wasn't in the Quad Cities which is where they were collapsing convenience stores every 14 months.
    • This is also a visa fraud scandal, where they were using visas for that 14 to 6 month period timeframe.
    • And here we have Fazal Mehmood, also known as Fazal Mehmood Awan
    • I realized compound names are more common in Pakistan, but the frequency here--the metadata--is just way off the charts: just everything, as far as criminal activity, with the Awan brother,s and then also the, you know, involvement with 10-12 companies fake social security numbers, that sort of thing
    • So this is one example. Here's DAWN this is the New York Times of Pakistan. Influential expat shields father from long arm of the law, and this father is Mohammed Abid. Okay. Mohammed Abid. And he has his son come in--Shaheed Imran, and then these 19 farmers that he's swindled to twelve different farms that he's taken... this person from who was a White House employee-- influential White House employee that gets a--remember Imran--he gets a huge police escort everywhere he goes, when he's in Pakistan. He's a VIP
    • So I believe this is Imran Awan, and he gets his dad off for, you know, cheating these 12 farmers, and then also his partners killed
    • Now that's a powerful position, and I think that shows far beyond just a personality cult--it's it's the strength of being involved with the CIA, and again here I think they just add the name of one on the end
    • So it's Mohammed a bead a wand Shaheed Imran a one they dropped the first name and they just added one at the end of the name this is published in 2009 I think this is where the first land comes in for Mohammed a bead and then they get a USAID the next year, and then 2011 they start shipping direct flying the heroin filled mangoes, directly to the United States through Chicago O'Hare
    • So I used to think it was just a 1999 thing, when Gulen was brought in, that they I've restarted the program. This whole program of bringing drugs into--kind of with and having a a tribe with a revenge motive, that would would sell both illegal counterfeit drugs, and illegal drugs as well.
    • But I believe now, it's it's all the way back to the original, it's the same people, it's it's Mark Rich--still this is all 33 years ago.
    • James Comey had--when the two trunks...the two steamer trunks of evidence that Rudi Giuliani had--we're still sitting on those.
    • It's still the same business. It's the same McDonald's.
    • Like I said, we've changed the arches, we've changed the logo, changed the different people involved, but it's still the same McDonalds.
    • And again, we see all the stuff if you go through, and do these deep dives with all their social media--it's just littered with Pakistani Army, Pakistani ISI.
    • Going all the way back to to 1979, really was a big new Pierzynski Zibigniew Bryzinski, but with Hillary until 1984
    • So again, the threatening the father--their own social media, with the father with being in, you know, the head of the police security forces in Punjab, Pakistan.
    • This is Imran's [facebook] page, putting it there, and there is here in the United States, maybe those are brothers in in Ron's uncles--doesn't really matter.
    • The the bottom line is: it's always threats, it's always kidnapping, it's always stealing inheritance, is always crime crime crime
    • So I don't think much has changed, and here we go.
    • I'm not the one who made Arshad Mahmud my registered agent, you know, and killing people at mosques
    • So I'll end it there
  • [Day 202.3. Hillary's Hackers, Awan Brothers Saga Deepens, Part 3 - YouTube]
    • Okay. it's day 202 part 3
    • I think Fox News just mentioned the the Comey tweet by Trump, and talked about the tape recording, and they also mentioned the Blackberries again
    • So I think the Blackberries--I think mainstream media is starting to figure out the modus operandi and they are starting to move in the direction where our story has been
    • So that's a good thing. That's a great thing.
    • On Tuesday, or not I don't know if it's exactly scheduled for Tuesday, but Chuck Grassley will go in front of the Judiciary Committee in the Senate--in front of Chuck Grassley.
    • They were supposed to announce the what the true the hearing date was by Friday, I didn't see what the date was going to be I thought it was going to be Tuesday.
    • But anyway I have to check your local listings for that.
    • But this is going to come up again and again--all the questions and effort two or three days ago, and then Chuck Grassley turning out not to be on the Intel committee, which was my mistake, but all that same ammunition is going to be even better for McCabe when he goes in front of the committee next week.
    • As I said we, keep moving down in in terms of detail--deeper and deeper in terms of detail, matching up and correlating facts, and as I've mentioned before, the ratlines can't run by themselves, they have to move electromagnetic spectrum, they have to move physical goods, they have to move people, they have to move money, all these things create footprints
    • So that same principle I think is going to be applied to the Blackberries.
    • And we're really going to get down in specific about who issued those Blackberries, to who[m] in the State Department, and we're going to get some real tough questioning, I think on the redaction of the 19 names in the State Department, that use Gmail, and I think we're to get redaction on the secure phones for Anthony Weiner's trusted staff.
    • I wanted to say one thing about Anthony Weiner and all these people James Comey as Steve Feinberg said we're all compromised
    • Now I'm not saying that organ harvesting is great, and DynCorp should just keep going, and and child traffic, you know, whatever their military police officer needs a date with a 12 year old, I'm not condoning that.
    • But I am saying that these people that we think of as evil, are in most cases compromised.
    • A lot of times in foreign governments, the CIA will if they put a person in power, they'll kill a sibling of theirs
    • Now it'll be an accident staged accent, or whatever, and it won't be quite obvious, but it sends that message of doubt to the person that's been put into power, that hey, if you mess up here you're going to die.
    • A lot of people think the same thing happens in the US government.
    • And Anthony Weiner, right after getting to Congress in 1999, Seth Weiners hit at, you know, in the midday Sun by a speeding car woman, you know, etc no license, no insurance that whole story, you know.
    • You look at Ted Cruz's brother, you look at Trump's brother, you look at Carly Fiorina's sister, you look at Judge Curiel's brother, you know, this is a pattern that just seems to repeat itself when you get around DynCorp
    • So if Anthony Weiner is--I'm not saying he doesn't have choices about his behavior, but I'm just saying these people are under tremendous strain--the same thing goes for Senators, you know, the Jason Chaffetz's of the world the Trey Gowdy's of the world--they're under tremendous strain, and it takes a lot of courage to step forward
    • Now Chuck Grassley seems to be one of those guys who will step forward
    • So that hearing--upcoming hearing with the Judiciary Committee, and Chuck Grassley certainly will be very interesting
  • [Day 202.4. Hillary's Hackers, Awan Brothers Saga Deepens, Part 4 - YouTube]
    • Okay. Day 202 Part Four.
    • This email that I'm trying to find is from, I believe, Hillary Clinton, talking about blackberry switches
    • So you can set your BlackBerry to do certain things.
    • You can have it use of Blackberry Internet Service, or you can switch it to BlackBerry Enterprise Services, right when the phones first start handshaking.
    • And that would be important, because you'd have to use BlackBerry Enterprise Services for any kind of secure communication that would be set up for hacking.
    • If you were trying to unknowingly set someone up, you would you would want to set those flags.
    • And the other thing I saw was message folders, and I actually thought I saw an email from Hillary Clinton, where she said, it's like BB underscore folder ID equals five, and she was setting the BlackBerry switch settings for Bill Clinton's email
    • Now the theory is that you can with blackberry, you can set switches to put messages in different folders, which would be perfect, if you were going to be targeting different individuals within the State Department, or in the Senate, or in the Congress, or in the White House.
    • Because you could just give them a phone, and set that message ID, and then they would always put their messages--you would get a copy of those messages always in the right file
    • So you could line things up with Iran deal.
    • You could line other things up with, you know, certain individuals--let's say all messages coming from Bill Clinton.
    • And what I thought about Bill Clinton, was Justin Cooper, and Doug Band, especially--it almost seemed like Hillary's hackers were looking in between, seeing what Bill was saying to Justin, and Doug and then Justin is trying to install spyware to look at see what other people the Clinton Foundation are typing.
    • A guy named Oscar and other people that were in charge of Bill Clinton's schedule
    • So if somebody could find that email I would be most appreciative, and I think this is almost a way the reason the Army uses it, you could they have something called an SAP special access program, you could set the message ID to the special access program that a general has, let's say it's for guarding or stopping a ratline in Pakistan, and that way you would know all the messages would be localized just to the messages that you wanted or want it to hack
    • So anyone who can find that--there's a phrase in there saying call after 6:15, set the message ID equal to five, I think Justin Cooper might be in the email, Doug ban might be in the email or just maybe the name Justin in and Doug orb and if you could find it thank you very much.
    • And we'll get down to them with the investigations going down to the blackberry switch level
    • So send me your blackberry switches
  • [Day 203.1 Hillary's Hackers, Awan Brothers Saga Deepens, Part 1 - YouTube]
    • Okay. Day 203 This is part 1
    • I'm so glad I did that last video at 11 o'clock last night, because I got so much research.
    • I woke up to so much great research this morning around the BlackBerry issue./
    • If you didn't see the issue or the series, we talked about the use of BlackBerry's all along the way in the ratlines
    • So John Podesta being a big blackberry user, we still don't know if Andrew McCabe is.
    • We know they're very very good friends... I still am staying with my original theory that Podesta basically ordered up surveillance through McCabe, ever since 1990... I want to say 1997, when Bill Clinton got in trouble with the impeachment
    • So I think that's how far back to the Podesta-to-McCabe connection goes somebody also notices the blackberry a phrase called "cap blackberry"
    • Now everyone immediately went to Capitol BlackBerry's--are those secure phones that are done by the Awans--that are doped by the Awans? That was my initial thought somebody else thought--
    • Well wait that--Center of American Progress [CAP] that's John Podesta... is CAP blackberry a shorthand for John Podesta?
    • So that could be very well the case
    • So I think this this is going in the right direction--this PR this PR_RIM is the phrase to search for, for message IDs...someone else found the schedule for August 2nd for Hillary Clinton, and for that key 2010 Pakistani Floods meeting, and then the other bookend was kind of August the 6th, which was the Friday
    • So the second is the Monday, the 6th is the Friday, where Hillary asked for the list of people that came to the Pakistani floods press event, and Philippe Reines is the one who sent it to her, and they want her to print that out, and they put it in folder 3
    • So it's interesting that they're choosing for press people, and following up on press people.
    • They're choosing folder 3 Phillipe Reines is in charge of that for Justin Cooper, and secure phones, and Bill Clinton they're choosing folder 5
    • So we don't still don't know what, you know, folder 1 and 2 was if that was, you know, Obama and Biden and carries 4 or or if this phone was for carry or this phone was for for Rajiv Shah we don't know any of those things yet, but we do know we do have some metadata on folder 3, and folder 5, and if you search for that PPR underscore IM (PR_RIM) I believe that's that's correct PR_RIM that's where you're going to find all those emails that have blackberry switch settings.
    • Again philippe brighnessPhilippe Reines decides to send blackberry switch settings to Hillary for filing the follow up on all the reporters on the reporters that went to the Pakistani and flood coverage
    • So I think, you know, Hillary kind of thinks of it in like a week chunk--like this week we're going to do Pakistani floods, in the whole operation we're going to start on Monday, we're going to end on Friday; we're going to wrap it all up on Friday; and see the final stage is kind of like doing a naughty and nice list for the press
    • Now I don't know if if if folder 3 is the Seth rich folder or not, you know, for the press who didn't write the kind of story that I wanted or the michael hastings file.
    • Who knows, but anyway the second the first book end on the second hillary flies from New York down to Washington DC just for an hour, and then she's on the tarmac only 12 minutes, and then flies back to New York on the second
    • So this is where the phone is being prepared and Huma is trying to race from washington DC to get it out to the airport--I think they go to Reagan Airport she's there for 12 minutes
    • Now as I said before, I believe the phone as a token for access to Hillary's emails, and I believe when she flies from New York. She flies from LaGuardia in this case. I believe the northern Airport and in New York. I believe she's using the plane as kind of a conference. If this goes back to the Bill and Loretta Lynch when I'm on the plane. I swept the plane, I know the plane is a good SCIF area, and therefore I know I can have private conversations there. Anything else going to any other kind of environment meetings and office rooms is a is a risk
    • So lack of footprints is actually a great place to be because it's been swept
    • So she flies down there--electronically swept is what I mean: not not wiped like a server with a cloth
    • She flies down there for 12 minutes, and I think she gets on the plane with somebody.
    • It's a private plane I believe, and it's going to be somebody from New York, somebody who's got some kind of financial interest in this Pakistani floods thing, and I believe she's going to get the phone. She's going to give the phone to the person
    • So she's going to have an hour conference or an hour and 12 minutes flight conference with the person there in an hour and 12 minutes back.
    • So be interesting to see if there's passenger list or any metadata around that.
    • That's going to be what I call the tea up--that's going to tell you who who benefits cui bono--the people who flew down there are going to be the ones who benefit.
    • And then the USAID comes out, and those are going to be letting out the money for the contractors
    • So I don't know if there's a brokering going on? Different recovery companies, or different security companies, DynCorp, you know, writing up a police contract for the flood situation, you know, it's hard to say.
    • But then on the third is all the meetings with Rajiv Shah, and then I think John Kerry comes in from foreign affairs to see how they're going to react
    • So that's interesting. The other thing that came about and what's great about doing this metadata--is the Kosovo somebody sent me all this missing email from the Clinton administration for Kosovo, and that was from 96 to 99, and they named out Podesta again. Cheryl Mills again. Paul Begala again. Bruce Lindsey the lawyer again.
    • And I just quickly went through it I said "oh this is easy this is Kosovo, you know, this is you got Podesta for the arranging organ donations, you know, you fly to Kosovo will get you the kidney you need with a Turkish doctor, sort of like that fly ShakurFleishaker email, and then we've got Begallum to do the spin--the press spin.
    • And we've got Lindsey to claim attorney-client privilege for harboring the laptops and thumb drives when it's all over just like the just like every operation is.
    • So is this kind of almost a metadata almost tells the story, because there was the Kosovo floods. It kind of is reminiscent of the earthquake in Haiti, but also there is an earthquake later in Pakistan I think in 2005, I think that was the precedent actually, and again with the with a peaceful nuclear explosion you can create an earthquake
    • So it's just like a floods are great, because you all you have to do is break the dam, and you create the flood, and then if you've been smart enough to go steal the farmers land in the low areas, then when the flood happens, you're lined up for USAID funding.
    • This is the Bowl of Huggies scenario for people who don't watch a series, the bowl of Huggies is is the it's actually yugi I think but it's the area where Imran Awan's father stole the land from the 12 farmers in Pakistan, and then he has partner killed in a car accident and it was called the bowl of y-hu-GI and i
    • So I called it the bowl of Huggies but let's just call it the bowl of farmers: you you go you steal the land in a low spot this is where Suriya Begum's analysis of floods this comes in and becomes so important
    • She's written several seminal works on using satellites to analyze where floods occur
    • So you basically, you study the geological maps, you you crack the dam, the dam floods, you get the USAID, it sets up your ratline for all your other businesses
    • So it's kind of like your seed money to get your operation started.
    • You get the organ harvesting going at the yellow houses, you get the ratline with the kids going to the Middle East, you get the drugs going one way or the other-- who knows the sell to the UN soldiers, and away you go to Dyncorp folks
    • So all that came out of that, and then one of the interesting things about Kosovo, looking at it was the incredibly fast response everything everybody, seems like as soon as the flood happened.
    • There's an incredible response I think you're going to find the same thing with the Pakistan floods.
    • I don't know exactly when that happened, when the dike broke.
    • Sort of reminds you of Hurricane Sandy when the dike breaks on 13th Street...that reminded me of Seth Rich somehow, because I remember police got to Seth Rich's on to that corner where he's crawling on his hands and knees being shot in the back three times, and he gets to the hospital in one minute--the four motorcycle police in that northeast section of Washington DC are there in one minute, and I started thinking about this, and going Okay. wait a minute:
    • Hillary knows that there's a leak through through the DNC leaks, but she doesn't know who did it, or who he gave the information to. At two o'clock, he was seen kind of drunk, leaving a bar, but there's nothing to explain what he did from two o'clock to 4:20.
    • That's when I thought "oh he went into his car or he was starting to walk home... he got invited into a car, somehow somehow got gassed then they gave him the propofol, they asked him the questions he didn't remember it, that's why they had to wake him up at 4:20, and that's why they brought the parents to the hospital:
    • They had to us and had him call his girlfriend, they had to establish that first of all he's not going to remember the interrogation, he's not going to remember he gave the thumb drive to the British ambassador in Lafayette Park, the British ambassador then gives it to Jones the lawyer for WikiLeaks in London, gives it on to Gavin McFadden, establishes the whole ratline of how he gave the information to to WikiLeaks
    • So they had to know that information-- no Intelligence officer is going to kill him and not get that information out of him
    • So that's the key to the Seth Rich case
    • So it's just funny how this kind of a bowling pin chain reaction here when somebody, you know, starts with, "hey what does cap blackberry mean and it just it it clears about ten bowling pins, when you when you start using metadata, you look at modisett Burundi modus operandi I know that's long and it's it's convoluted, and it's complex, but if you watch a series people who do watch the series know what I'm talking about.
    • And all the pieces start fitting together I do think going back to the recapping on on Podesta I do think
    • Now the cap blackberry is Podesta.
    • Either that or it's a group list of Tom nightísNides, Neera Tanden and John Podesta as one kind of blackberry group
    • So that's CAP Podesta and I think really Center for American Progress is just a money laundering for donations, basically, and I do somebody else called me, and said it's Tony Podesta that's doing all the really nasty stuff with the child trafficking and the organ harvesting, and stuff and that would go along with that.
    • I'd say that the weird art dealership thing that's just a cover to process the money I buy a piece of junky art from you for $200,000 it gets thrown in the trash heap afterward but I get a new kidney out of the deal
    • So I think that's that that ratline is pretty dissolved at this point
    • So I know that's a lot. Go back and look at bowl of Huggies if you don't know what I'm talking about there.
    • But Imran Awan's dad steals land from these 12 farmers, Rajiv Shah is there the next day after the dikes break to hand out those contracts
    • So the person handing out those contracts for the Pakistani flood benefactors and I think DynCorp could be one of them to go in and establish security
    • So Steve Feinberg's going to be involved in this, and I'm looking at Steve Feinberg at DynCorp as creating the Christmas tree of benefits.
    • I wouldn't be surprised if Dyncorp the key contractor for flying in with its planes and helicopters, flying in the rescue stuff doing the coordinating the area off with the military perimeter, contracting all the medical supplies in and out, flying in and out, might even have our friends our red team from Haiti come in, and find all the little orphans, you know, it's I think it's going to be Haiti all over again, or or Pakistan earthquake all over again
    • So I know that's a long one, but the researchers out there know what I'm talking about, and we'll we'll move on from there
  • [Day 203.2 Hillary's Hackers, Awan Brothers Saga Deepens, Part 2 - YouTube]
    • Okay. Day 203 this is part 2.
    • This is getting fun. This investigation is only limited by the speed at which I can upload videos. It's amazing researchers out there that are just like getting down to, you know, message numbers
    • So the whole idea of a CAP blackberry was discovered by one of the researchers, and is that going to be the capital group... this trusted group that makes these doped Blackberries, like they made for Obama, or is it going to be, you know, for the Podesta group?
    • Is it going to be the that whatever nonprofit laundry...money laundering think he did Center for American Progress yeah
    • So that's the key question. Don't know yet.
    • I put up a another video, but I'm not even waiting for comments, because I wanted to get this piece up.
    • The this whole thing the whole BlackBerry thing, the whole metadata thing, the switch's thing, has kind of given away the whole ratline of McCabe.
    • As I said from the beginning, Counterintelligence isn't going to be all of the Counterintelligence division of s FBI... they got infiltrated by the CIA--it's going to be a very small group.
    • I usually call it the directorate--it's usually twelve people usually twelve guys, still kind of a male world--maybe there's a couple women on that board. But it's it's usually the number of people who fit around a boardroom table.
    • Sometimes get up gets up into the 20s and 30s, but you have the danger of leaks.
    • Every person sitting around the table is a leak, and usually what you want when you create a Directorate, is somebody from DHS.
    • And you want somebody from CIA, and you want somebody who, you know, runs FBI.
    • And then somebody who's running DIA, and you want somebody over at NSA, you know, this is the Clapper model with, you know, with the CIA Director Brennan, and that that sort of thing you want to control all those positions right
    • Now, they're not really in control of those positions. Dan Coates is at ODNI, they still have control of DIA, they still have control of NGA, you still have McCabe at FBI.
    • But what was interesting is when Comey is fired Kissinger goes to the White House.[][][][][][][]
    • Well it's almost obvious that he's giving the shortlist of the next five guys to Trump, and then what comes out is five FBI agents from the Counterintelligence division
    • So you got the special agent from Chicago who's running the Homen Square whole operation with organ harvesting there, and you got the Virginia guy, the Richmond Virginia guy, where all the mosques funneled basically the money to Virginia, and then the the last bank account isn't going to be in Richmond
    • So he's running in that operation--he's running the money laundering operation for all this stuff
    • So, you got those two guys, and then I think you had two other investigative Counterintelligence guys in that original list.
    • And then there was a one one person from the Justice Department that they threw in there just so wouldn't look like all FBI Counterintelligence
    • It was almost laughable. They tried to put that you try to make the two Counterintelligence guys look like field people, to try to maybe throw off FBI field, but I don't think it worked. I don't think it worked.
    • What's beautiful about this is Kissinger, who normally is a grand master at this game playing chess, gave away the whole ratline.
    • I couldn't decide if it was the false churchFalls Church mosque that was doing the final laundering, or if it was the Richmond.
    • And then he gives me the last thing that tips the balance toward Richmond Moss being the being the final money laundering point, where before it makes its trip overseas.
    • This is going to be the Marc Rich, City Bank to Vatican Bank, or wherever, that was the old ratline.
    • I don't know if they're going to be that dumb to use the same old ratline to HSBC but maybe they are!
    • So it's great when they follow their same tracks--it's--this is awesome
    • So, I'm a little bit fired up as you can see
    • The big question is blackberry, now, with McCabe.
    • Because blackberry is going to give away the whole communications network.
    • If you think about it, if you're in sales, or you sell anything, your business or a product or service, you're going to have a lot of chatter back and forth.
    • But somebody wants to do your yard landscaping service, you're going to have the big idea first, and then ask a few questions--how long they've been in business, you're going to ask for a couple of plans, and then you're going to start, you know, saying well don't run over the water sprinkler, you know, there's give me a lot of chatter back and forth, between you and whoever you're dealing business with.
    • McCabe's McCabe's blackberry is going to give away all this
    • So when he's setting up the rusted, Russia dossier with Trump with Steel, it's going to have a lot of chatter with whoever that the overseas guy is in London, when he's setting up the heat--McCabe actually goes to one of the Virginia mosques which is the Adams mosque. So that's going to be involved.
    • There's going to be chatter with with Richmond.
    • There's gonna be chatter one of the and also it's funny a chatter in Homen square.
    • You're also going to find Miami has been compromised in Counterintelligence.
    • And then also Atlanta office is compromised in Counterintelligence.
    • And they're always going to bring in two FBI field guys, when they ever do anything it's going to always play off on the two FBI field guys.
    • But the two guys that are coming in, and calling the shots, and giving the Intelligence back to Kissinger, and Feinberg, are going to be your two Counterintelligence guys. Every time.
    • This happened with Senator Richard Black--same thing, when he was going over to Syria, and they were trying to turn him into an informant
    • So so they've given away the whole modus operandi always a team of two Counterintelligence guys doing meetings
    • So we've got that
    • Now we've got the Blackberries
    • Now with a communications network, we can use frequency analysis to see who his contacts are, who's in the Directorate.
    • It's almost I almost want to get the BlackBerry, because I don't want the whole network to fall apart, before I get there I don't want Kissinger to give it all away
    • So anyway they put out a cover list
    • Now of other people that are on the short list, the first they realize their mistake.
    • I think I commented like five minutes in, like, "what is this?"
    • So they're all Counterintelligence FBI guys
    • CONTINUED>>>
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2016.10.29 21:34 throawaySpeedParty Speed Dating Lisboa

Quero conhecer mulheres mas anda complicado.
Estou há pouco tempo em Lisboa. Tenho poucos amigos aqui.
Trabalho e não é pouco (IT world.lol) e sobra-me pouco tempo para ir sair e conhecer pessoas. Além disso, sair onde? Não tenho paciência para discotecas e ir para um bar sozinho é um pouco estranho.
Deparei-me na net com o speedparty. Penso que todos devem conhecer o conceito de speed dating.
O que gostava de saber é se alguém já usou. Eles no site dizem garantir nos seus eventos um rácio igual entre homens e mulheres.
Encontrei também este artigo do observador sobre o tema.
No fundo o artigo vem desmistificar o que pensava sobre o assunto. Basicamente, são pessoas normais como eu que não têm tempo para conhecer pessoas novas.
Estou tentado a participar.
Alguém aqui já foi ou conhece casos?
Ps: Nova thread visto que a outra tinha link no titulo
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